World Class Property Management

World Class Property Management is what sets Fosse House from its competitors with a professional and dedicated property management team that is focused solely on looking after your property. Our experienced property team are equipped to manage everything from large projects and renovation work to the smallest repair jobs through our own network of specialist contractors.

The key to providing a good management service is all about relationships and we take great pride in the friendships we establish with all our landlords, tenants and especially contractors. Our management team will be only too pleased to take the stress away and can promise to professionally manage your property ensuring it is maintained in good condition throughout the tenancy.

Today’s tenants are very demanding and expect absolute value for money for the rent they paying. Equally if something breaks down or stops working they expect prompt attention and a speedy solution.

We will be pleased to tailor our management services to suit your own personal requirements or to match any special property needs. Please give us a call and we will be delighted to come and have a look at your property.

Full Management Service

If you are looking for Stress Free property management, then our Full Management Package will be exactly what you are looking for. Everything is covered from day to day maintenance, faults, repairs and tenancy issues are all included to provide complete peace of mind. We believe that knowing your property is receiving personal care and attention is what our landlords are looking for.

Modern tenants are very well informed and expectations are high so please don’t be surprised if your tenants expect a well presented property. The better condition your property is in at hand over in general the better care it will receive from the tenants.

So just sit back and relax while we manage the stress.


It has taken many years building relationships, but we have a great team of dedicated and specialist contractors who provide great service, high quality work at competitive rates.

Although they are not employed directly by Fosse House we have a priority call on the services of our contractors with a 24 hour commitment when required for emergencies.

We do, however, recognise that some landlords have their own preferred contractors. No problem, just provide their details and we will call on them when maintenance work is required.

Most landlords prefer us to pay contractors directly and then make an adjustment on the next rent statement, but if you would prefer to pay them directly that can be arranged. We will provide copies of all contractor invoices so you can see exactly what you have been charged for.

Fosse House has a very honest and open attitude to contractor charges and you will only ever pay what our contractors charge us. We will never uplift contractor charges to make an additional profit ourselves unlike many of our competitors, which I am sure you will agree is a serious breach of trust.

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